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Bokus is one of Sweden's leading online bookstores, founded in 1997.

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Estimated Total carbon neutralisation by Bokus

213 tons of CO₂

CO₂ emissions offset and/or expected to be removed on behalf of the organization according to public registry data
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213 tons of CO₂
This represents the CO₂ already neutralized by forestry projects on the Reforestum platform. Each ton corresponds to one Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) certified and issued by the international Verra standard

Verified offsets (VCUs)

That's the equivalent of 16,908 cars taken off the road for a day!


Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project

Siaya County, Kenya

213 tons of CO₂
Verified offsets (VCUs)
Verra project
A project certified by Verra that is financed through the trading of VCUs (Verified Carbon Units), which are carbon credits issued under VCS's standards.
Agricultural Land Management
This project is certified by Verra, and issues Carbon Credits through their Verified Carbon Standard, the world’s foremost international carbon certification
First verified in July 2009

Latest updates

30 Mar, 2023

No updates so far

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Transactions found on Verra registry

Retirement date
Vintage Period
213 VCUs
01/04/2015 - 31/03/2016
Unverified (auto imported)

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